Online Music Tools and More

Audio Recording and Creating 

Soundtrap - Web-based, user friendly, nice interface, allows video collaboration. Loops and more, no midi keyboard needed. 

Audacity - Free downloadable software. Kinda bare bones and old school.

O-Generator.  For young musicians. Fun and easy composing and loop creator.

Free Music Notation

Sibelius First - Now free.

MuseScore - Free download. 

Noteflight - Web-based and easy!


Online Games And Fun Stuff

Enjoy! Scroll down for more free music-making tools. 

Chrome Music Lab
Way cool music interactives.

Music games, free lessons and Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson and others playing tunes for you from their rooms in the "Bedstock" festival.

Beatbox dudes. Totally addictive.

Create beats based on what you type into the input box. See what happens! 

Isle of Tune 
Build compositions visually using houses, roads, plants and cars. 
(Flash site; or get the app)

Get help choosing chords that sound good together. It's a musical sketchpad with music theory built in.  

Learn coding through music composition and remixing! No prior knowledge of computer science or music is needed. - Online resources compiled by Bill Bauer.

Music Resources for Students - Another resource compilation.

A Musical Glossary - Become fluent in music-speak!

Music Theory for Kids - Free user-friendly knowledge!

Interactive Music Resources - Explore and learn!


Paint collaboratively with other people!  Free and easy.


PBS Learning Media

Below are recommended books and materials.
For resources I have created, visit my Sheet Music page.

Cool Videos