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“Wendy has been my amazing teacher for over 6 years and somehow has managed to make every lesson fun.” 

“Wendy Lanxner is a phenomenally gifted and creative teaching artist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, composer, arranger, and songwriter.  Audiences of all ages have enjoyed her music lessons, group workshops, community sings, and concerts. Her range of repertoire is astounding too, from classical and chamber music to jazz and rock 'n roll. And her can-do attitude carries the day, time and again. She is cheerful, organized, thoughtful, and completely reliable in everything she does — and will always be a tremendous asset to any program or project she is associated with.”
— Busy Graham, Executive Director, Carpe Diem Arts 

“Wendy has an extraordinary gift as an educator.  She is able to simultaneously motivate children to learn the fundamentals of music theory while inspiring them to elevate their skills with discipline, kindness, and humor.”
— Kyle Zimmer, parent 

"Wendy is an encouraging, patient, and talented teacher who helps students understand that music is an art and a science that offers both fun and focus in equal measures.  Plus, Wendy is really cool."
— Bill Richards, parent 

"Wendy is such a warm, kind person and a fabulous, patient music teacher.  She taught my son guitar starting in first grade.  He can be an anxious kid and she put him right at ease.  He developed so much confidence as a person and musician under her tutelage.  I never imagined that he would be willing to go onstage and play by himself at the end of the teaching year but he did.  Thank you Wendy!"
— Wendy Sharp, parent 

“As a director of both young actors and trained adult performers, I have collaborated with Wendy Lanxner on a variety of creative theatre projects,  ranging from Japanese flute music in Kabuki Coriolanus to big band swing in The Merchant of Venice, CA to a mixture of Renaissance, Regency, and rock music in our production of Henry VI. In all of our collaborations, Wendy has stood out as the most uniquely creative, dedicated, and energizing composer/vocal coach/instrumentalist I have worked with in my 40 years of active professional theatre.”   
— David Minton, Artistic Director, Lumina Studio Theatre 


July 2018

Dear Wendy - 

I just have to write to tell you what an exceptional teacher you are and what an amazing experience you have provided for my daughter.  You have such a lovely way with gentle encouragement and yet you also are clear that you have expectations that each student should meet.  So you help students to grow while helping them and supporting them every step of the way.  My daughter really looked forward to her lessons and was sad when we had to miss one.

Another thing I appreciate about you is your sheer joy of music.  It is so inspiring to see  how you are able to share that wonderful sense of love of music with those around you - students and adults alike. Whether it is with toddlers who are shaking bells at a holiday sing along, or teenagers who are rocking  out on guitars, you make each player feel truly valued and appreciated for their contribution.  (cont'd)