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"Wendy Lanxner is an excellent teacher, she has a winning way with kids, helping them to understand and enjoy music. She is particularly good at helping students over "rough patches" where some aspect of the instrument is especially challenging. Her patience, "light touch" and humor make the lessons fun. She cares deeply about her students and readily shares her own love of music with them. She is a talented multi-instrumentalist in her own right and draws on her real world experience in helping to build student confidence. I highly recommend her as a music teacher."
— Jonathan Haskett, parent 

“Wendy is an ever encouraging, very knowledgeable teacher whose mastery of so many instruments is just amazing.  Even greater than her skills are her encouragement and patience.“ 
— Vicki & Mike, parents

 “We have been very pleased with Wendy’s approach, her easy rapport, and her flexibility.  My daughter, reluctant to play in front of anybody and not one who is overtly social, gets a great deal out of each lesson. Wendy is very patient and interactive, drawing the most from her students. She is complimentary, supportive and teaches songs that students want to play.  I would highly recommend her for anyone, young or old.”  
—  Dave Nettleton, parent 

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And I love how you empower your students to believe in their own musical abilities.  This is important not just for music but for their sense of themselves overall. You encouraged my daughter to write her own songs, sing in her own voice, and supported her in performing in ways that I think surprised even her own self.  You show boundless energy for your students.

The end of year shows you created were so impressive - for their creativity, for their inclusion ( you somehow found a role for every player at every level), for their diversity, and for the joy that permeated the performances.  

Thank you for being such a gift to my daughter and to supporting her growth in such a wonderful way.  

Beth Grupp